Author: Azure Consulting

Coaching Provides Thinking Time for Senior Leaders

One of the greatest benefits Senior Leaders gain from executive coaching has always been protected time out to think about themselves and the issues that their organisation is facing. Lately, we are noticing this taking on an even greater value….

Coaching Skills for Future Success

The past two years have been a rollercoaster for many of us, but they have been particularly damaging to the education and career prospects for many of the world’s young people. ONS statistics in 2021 stated that over 60% of

Leading Hybrid Teams Effectively with PA Media

Although the pandemic restrictions are easing and the UK is returning to a new sense of ‘normal’, increasing amounts of research from sources like the ONS and CIPD are indicating that whilst offices are opening up again and many Senior

e3 Employee Engagement Success

It’s good to know what your employees really value….. It would have been easy for many businesses to choose not to carry out an employee engagement survey over the last year. Things have been tough for everyone and many might

Supporting Harrogate’s Coaches

Azure have recently enjoyed being involved in a new project with Harrogate Council’s internal pool of coaches. Over the years, the Council has created a really motivated group of nearly 30 coaches from all levels and across many different Services.