Leadership Development

Developing leadership skills and potential is the core business of Azure.

In order for any organisation to be successful, it needs great leadership. We seek to bring a practical approach which helps leaders to know themselves and their strengths, believe in themselves and build skills to motivate others to achieve their vision.

Our success comes from our ability to work closely with clients in order to develop programmes that are tailor made to perfectly fit clients’ requirements.

Azure’s Leadership Development solutions help you to:

  • Define your organisation’s Strategy , its key aims and objectives and its vision for the future.
  • Define your organisation’s culture, its values and beliefs in order to deliver its strategy effectively.
  • Define the role of the leader, the leadership team and clarify the key competencies required.
  • Select leaders appropriately, for example with the use of psychometric analysis.
  • Manage the performance of leaders.
  • Develop leaders to be the best they can be, for example through Development Centres and by offering leadership and management qualifications.
  • Evaluate a leader’s impact on the organisation, which may include 360 degree feedback.

Azure’s leadership solutions can be undertaken 1:1 via a Coaching route or if you have a team or group of managers you might prefer to undertake some development as a group.

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