Leading Hybrid Teams Effectively with PA Media

Although the pandemic restrictions are easing and the UK is returning to a new sense of ‘normal’, increasing amounts of research from sources like the ONS and CIPD are indicating that whilst offices are opening up again and many Senior Leaders are keen for their teams to return to the workplace, lots of employees are wanting to continue to work remotely, at least for part of their working week. This means organisations are having to find a way to adapt and respect the wellbeing, working preferences and individual choices of their employees, whilst also ensuring that the needs of the business can be met.

The topic is a more complex one than it might seem initially and was the reason that PA Media approached Azure to design a programme for Managers on Leading Hybrid Teams Effectively.

The session we designed focused on defining what hybrid working truly is and how it is something that employers across the world are having to understand and take account of.  Alongside a review of the possible benefits and drawbacks of the hybrid approach to both employees and the business, the session focused on how to establish that essential human connection we need to harmonise team working from both the workplace and elsewhere. Azure provided a wide range of ideas and resources to help Managers make a smooth transition to hybrid working and to really engage their teams in the process.

It’s amazing to see businesses opening back up again whilst respecting the safety and wellbeing of employees. PA Media have a forward thinking policy to give as much choice to their employees as they feel able but are wise enough to realise that this is going to need constant review and they need to support their Managers along the way.

Whilst there are some jobs that cannot be done outside the workplace, this short session helped the participants to reflect on the way that some roles really lend themselves to hybrid working and could even improve performance and productivity as a result.

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October 2021