Coaching Provides Thinking Time for Senior Leaders

One of the greatest benefits Senior Leaders gain from executive coaching has always been protected time out to think about themselves and the issues that their organisation is facing.

Lately, we are noticing this taking on an even greater value….

Complexities about new ways of working, cost of living challenges, the need to create psychological safety for teams where diversity can flourish and the desire to create sustainable organisations are just a few of the topics we are seeing being brought to coaching these days.

Most senior leaders have been appointed because of their ability to think and act strategically, to understand and interpret the connections between a variety of challenges and their ability to make tough decisions when required.

However, they also need to be inspirational, authentic and able to engage with others, sometimes they are required to possess the bravery to completely transform their organisations.

Being able to balance and prioritise these complex challenges requires time to think things through, and most importantly the kind of thinking that includes some deep self-reflection.

Having the opportunity to work with an experienced coach, who is prepared to challenge a senior leader to be the very best they can be, whilst still being supportive and empathetic is one of the most valuable investments they can make.

Our Director Sharon Klein has recently commented: “It’s all too easy for those in authority to convince themselves that they can’t spare the time for their own development when the pressure is on, but experience has demonstrated to us that just a small investment of time and money to have a couple of hours coaching on a monthly basis from a really experienced coach will pay off many times over.”

A free of charge chemistry call is a great way for senior leaders to find out if coaching could be of assistance and to find the right fit with an Azure coach.

“When I started the coaching, I was very damaged, my confidence was at its lowest ever and I had serious doubts about my leadership abilities. The coaching increased my confidence substantially; it  helped me to explore concerns about my performance; supported me to transition to a more senior leadership role; and provided me with space and time to think and evaluate my performance.  I really valued the challenge which my coach provided and the space and time to think about the massive issues I need to help our organisation to address.”

(Feedback from a Senior Leader who has recently completed their coaching)

October 2023