Development Centres

Assessing the individual strengths, development needs and growth potential of a group of leaders can be challenging.

We can:

  • Design high impact Development Centres which enable you to see your leaders and potential leaders in action
  • Organise and run Development Centres
  • Provide skilled observers and coaches to help candidates demonstrate their competence in a safe developmental environment

An organisation grows as its leaders grow. If an organisation’s leaders do not develop, then how can the rest of the organisation be expected to follow suit? It is, however, difficult to firstly assess the individual strengths and development needs of an organisation’s leaders, and secondly to provide your leaders with the skills and tools needed in order to take them to the next level (and ultimately improve your business results). Additionally, organisations must make sure they recruit leaders of a sufficient competence level, and select the right leaders for promotion that enable organisations to grow and achieve their goals.

Development Centres can be used for succession planning, development planning, and to identify high potentials. To see how Azure will create Development Centres that are bespoke to your organisation and work closely with you so that you see results, please click the “Make an Enquiry” button.