Azure’s Story of 2020

Hello and a very Happy New Year to all from Azure Consulting. We hope 2021 brings a lot more joy for everyone.

We don’t need to go into too much detail about how different 2020 has been for all of us! In the learning and development world, we have of course seen a huge shift from delivering predominantly face-to-face or classroom based interventions to providing entirely virtual offerings. We are pleased to say that our entire catalogue of services can be delivered online and we continue to serve our clients regardless of any ongoing lockdown or social distancing measures.

Whilst perhaps this style of learning isn’t everyone’s preference, participants taking part in our learning interventions have quickly noticed the benefits! Apart from it being logistically much easier to gather a group of people online than face-to-face (especially with geographically dispersed teams), the shorter, more ‘bitesize’ sessions that this format lends itself to fit in much easier with people’s working days and allowed for greater reflection and learning absorption between sessions.

Some notable pieces of work in 2020 include:

Executive Coaching

Whilst phone and virtual coaching is nothing new, it is interesting to note how many of our coachees who weren’t used to this format commented that the virtual nature meant coaching sessions felt more focused, timely, and more convenient.

ILM L5 and L7 Coaching and Mentoring qualifications

This year saw us roll out our fully virtual ILM Level 5 and Level 7 Coaching and Mentoring qualifications for the first time. As the delivery of the programmes mainly consist of live practice, video, breakout groups, demonstrations and slide based input, both worked perfectly in a virtual setting. Unfortunately, the only thing that we found impossible to translate virtually was our usual buffet lunch! Participants said:

“I learnt so much! I am using my coaching skills daily.”

“On point! The facilitators were excellent – really knowledgeable and engaging.”

Our Level 7 programme in action

Coaching as a Leadership Style

For organisations who want their employees to learn everyday coaching skills, we have continued to deliver our Coaching as a Leadership Style tailored to individual clients. Normally a two day training programme, we decided to spread the virtual delivery into smaller chunks spread out over a few weeks, which allows participants to practice their newly acquired skills in the real world as the programme progresses. Participants said:

“I thought it was really well done virtually. The breakout rooms were brilliant and gave an opportunity to work with other colleagues. Not sure there was much that could be done to improve!”

“The style and delivery was excellent. The move to virtual has not made it any more difficult to pick up and practice the techniques.”

One-off leadership development modules on a range of topics

It is really encouraging to see that many of our clients haven’t forgotten about the leadership development of their employees, and recognise the support that many of them need. We delivered many individual sessions on a range of topics to various organisations on topics including:

  • Cultivating a Growth Mindset
  • How to be Personally Effective When Working Remotely
  • Invigorating Your Virtual Collaboration
  • Enhance Your Impact and Influence Whilst Working Remotely
  • Building Your Resilience
  • Developing Your Leadership Styles in Challenging Times
  • Managing Remotely

Executive team development/workshops

Despite the lack of face to face contact, it is really important for leadership teams to continue to function effectively if the organisations they lead are to be successful. Whether this is to work out how to get the most from each other and function as a cohesive unit or to consider their strategy and future direction, our virtual executive team workshops have been very well received.

We’d like to share our upcoming programmes schedule for 2021. Click here to take a look at what we’ve got in store!

All of these programmes are open to individuals or groups from any organisation. If you or anyone that you know might be interested in joining us, you can contact us to sign up or receive more information on 01924 385600 or by clicking here.

January 2021