Azure’s Accelerate Leadership Tool


Over the years, we have worked across many organisations of all different sizes and across all sectors. As a result, we have learnt what makes a great leadership team!

Whether public sector or private, manufacturing or professional services, large or small, all leadership teams need to possess the same qualities if they want to inspire their organisations to success. We have developed a new tool, Accelerate, to help leadership teams learn where they need to focus to make this happen.

Accelerate seeks to gain feedback from each member of a leadership team on eight ‘accelerators’. If the leadership team were to become a high performing team in each of the separate accelerators,  our experience suggests that they would achieve excellent organisational results.

Organisations who have worked with Accelerate have all reported immediate benefits. Here’s what some senior leaders had to say:

  • “The model was a great help to our new Executive Team, enabling us to break down the components of effective leadership and truly accelerate our development.” (Paul Arnold, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Information Commissioner’s Office)
  • “A great tool to really get under the skin of a problem. The tool helped provide clarity on different roles and responsibilities and helped us understand how we could help each other to become more effective as a team.” (Susannah Franks, Commercial Director, CNG Ltd)
  • “This model set the structure for our leadership development programme that we undertook with Azure over two years ago. We continue to refer back to its principles when we are reviewing our performance as a leadership team on a regular basis.” (Rachel Hillman, Finance & Operations Director, Simpson Associates)

You can try a free taster version of the tool, looking at two of the eight accelerators here.

Click here to contact us if you are interested in hearing more about how Accelerate can help to improve the performance of your leadership team.

March 2021