Finger on the Pulse Gives Good Readings for CNG

Since late last year, we have been facilitating a long-term leadership development programme for over 30 team leaders and managers at CNG, a Harrogate-based provider of utilities to businesses. The ILM accredited programme, known as the ‘CNG Leadership Experience’, combines 10 powerful learning modules with action learning sets, individual coaching and mentoring and the use of TMSDI’s Team Management Profile. As the programme reached its halfway point, we wanted to evaluate the impact of the programme so far so we conducted a ‘pulse survey’ with the participants.

At the launch of the programme we asked participants to rate themselves against the six key behaviours that the programme is seeking to develop and at this half way point we sought to assess the impact so far. In five of those measures, scores had increased significantly, with participants rating themselves as 18% more competent leaders than they did at the outset of the programme. In addition, qualitative feedback provided examples of how participants have made changes to the way they lead people at CNG, such as “I am a lot less stressed and worried due to learning to delegate”, “I feel more confident in handling courageous conversations” and “Coaching questions – I use them all the time now!”

We believe that the value of any development programme lies not in the fact whether participants have had a good time or they enjoyed the lunch but in that they are learning and implementing actions to improve their leadership as the programme unfolds. Undertaking such surveys at the beginning, middle and end of long term programmes such as this provides excellent data with which to evaluate a programme’s ultimate success and most importantly its impact on key business results. We can’t wait to see these amazing participants have developed by the end of the CNG Leadership Experience.

 May 2019