Emotional Intelligence Workshops Empower Local Authority Employees

Despite first being developed as an idea in the 1960s, it wasn’t until 1995 that the concept of Emotional Intelligence gained prominence through the work of Daniel Goleman. Since then, the recognition of its importance as a set of skills and abilities that leaders should possess has grown (Forbes recently described it as “the X-factor that separates the exceptional from the ordinary”).

Kirklees Council understand the huge benefits of upskilling people in Emotional Intelligence, which is why they recently collaborated with Azure Consulting to design and deliver a series of workshops. The workshops developed people’s awareness of the principles of Emotional Intelligence and enabled participants to improve their abilities in various subsets of Emotional Intelligence, such as increasing their self-awareness, the ability to regulate their own emotions, and the ability to recognise when their emotions are affecting the performance of others.

Mike Thackray of Azure Consulting, who designed and helped to facilitate the programme in conjunction with Kirklees Council’s Learning and Organisational Development team, said, “It is common to see organisations providing courses that look at different aspects of relationship management, but fewer that focus on the other important components of Emotional Intelligence that underpin personal effectiveness. It’s great to see Kirklees Council recognising the impact of high Emotional Intelligence on performance and promoting this development amongst employees.”

 Participants also felt the sessions were of great benefit, with feedback including:

  • “Thought provoking, with useful immediate actions to take away”
  • “Energising and empowering”
  • “I look forward to it being rolled out so my team and wider colleagues across the Council can benefit!”

Azure Consulting specialise in improving Emotional Intelligence in organisations. Call us on 01924 385 600 or contact us here for more information.

February 2018