Sagar Insurances

Recently, we began working with Sagar Insurances, a leading insurance broker based in the North West of England. Our overall aim is to increase the effectiveness of their relatively new executive team to ensure they can have an improved impact within the business. During an introductory session, the key point of interest for the group was when they received their personalised Team Management Profiles. These differing individual profiles highlighted how to make the most of the working preferences of current team members, as well as recognising any gaps in the team as it stands. This enabled the team to develop realistic action points in order to increase its overall effectiveness. This should have an immediate positive impact on the operation of the team.

Feedback received included:

“Very good in helping me understand my working colleagues”

“A lot of things to take away and use”

“Informative, enlightening, useful”

“It provided useful feedback that I was able to reflect on”

“You’ve exposed a number of areas that are either absent or where we’re weak – keep it going!”

An ongoing programme of development with the team, designed and delivered by Sharon Klein and Mike Thackray will ensure this learning is well utilised and progress continues at a steady pace.