The Resourceful Road

Rapport holds the key to the door!
Equal, face to face the coach and coachee know their place!
Contracting done, we both know the score!
Coaching now, we build the core!
Ssh! Super-aware-shows you care!

I’ll adapt to suit, different skills on which I’ll draw
Learning styles, more than one in store!
As long as it takes, l keep building the core
Commit, take action, you know you have more!

If you get stuck, maybe hit a wall, at the edge of your comfort zone that’s all,
Hurdles come and hurdles go, I’ll use new skills I now know
I’ll challenge, push and make you think, and your stall will disappear in a blink!
Not to lead, just facilitate, now we are nearing our final date

You have made changes for all to see,
I haven’t done it, in time you’ll see,
I’m the facilitator, you hold the key,
Contracting, coaching, conclusion all 3

Empower and Champion positive change
Evaluate now what’s the range?
So, from one to ten, where are you?
On the resourceful road now, enjoy the view!

Lindsey Doherty