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Six Months Later…the Ongoing Impact of the CNG Leadership Experience

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Earlier in the year, we reported on the success of an 18-month ‘Leadership Experience’ programme delivered for CNG, a business utilities provider based in Harrogate. We had already evaluated the success of the programme by taking measures from participants and

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The Results Are In! Evaluation of CNG Leadership Programme Demonstrates Clear Impact

Some of the participants celebrate the end of the programme

Great organisations regularly seek to improve the quality of their leadership. Some of the questions asked by those at the top of any organisation might be:  “Where is the next generation of leaders coming from?”, “How can we ensure effective

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Finger on the Pulse Gives Good Readings for CNG

Since late last year, we have been facilitating a long-term leadership development programme for over 30 team leaders and managers at CNG, a Harrogate-based provider of utilities to businesses. The ILM accredited programme, known as the ‘CNG Leadership Experience’, combines

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Harrogate-Based Gas Supplier Take the Guesswork out of Teamwork

If you have been watching this year’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, then you will no doubt have seen many examples of teams working together and employing individual strengths to achieve an overall aim – not least in the Curling, where

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