Sue Alderson – Director

I’m passionate about helping individuals and organisations be ‘at their best’ more of the time. I believe we all have masses of potential and see my purpose as helping every individual to have the courage and confidence to unlock that.

I love working with individuals who want to enhance their effectiveness as leaders and the energy and passion to make that happen. I especially enjoy working with leadership teams, helping them to make their ambitions for their organisations a reality. I get a real buzz from seeing individuals and teams grow and develop, and in turn make a real impact on the performance of their organisation.

I believe in a strong connection between body and mind, and my passion is for keeping fit and healthy. A Yorkshire girl at heart, I love being outdoors, walking and enjoying the natural world with my husband. In 2015 I climbed Kilimanjaro and as a result of that adventure, have set up a charity to bring clean water to North Tanzania. I’m a mum of a son at university and highly value time with my small close family.

I hold a belief that everyone can achieve whatever they desire with hard work and the right kind of support.