Naomi Regan – Consultant

I am passionate about enabling, equipping and empowering new and emerging leaders and their organisations, and in doing so making sure that I support the development of leaders who can inspire across teams with authenticity and fresh ways of thinking.  I am also of the firm belief that leadership is everyone’s responsibility, not just the person at the top, and I work to nurture and develop leadership behaviours at every career stage.  For me one of the most important of these behaviours is curiosity, and I help organisations and individuals to be curious about themselves and what they can achieve.  Importantly for me, in whatever I am doing, is that I always seek to work with my clients to develop practical and useable solutions to their business challenges.

Alongside this, I am continually inspired by my two young children and their never-ending curiosity and inquisitiveness, although I do sometimes look forward to a couple of question-free hours after bedtime!  I also love to run and find that nothing gives me greater clarity, or a much-needed perspective shift when working on something new for a client, than going out for a jog.