Debs Hirst

I am passionate about supporting people to be the best that they can be. Exploring what that looks like for the individual, and what is holding them back. I work with the strong belief that our lives and aspirations are constantly evolving, and that ‘life’ can sometimes get in the way of us taking the time to explore what that means. A mixture of habit and expectation can often push us down the path we initially set out on, but that path potentially isn’t the one that serves us well anymore.

As a coach I work with compassion, curiosity and challenge. I support individuals to explore possibilities; unlock their potential and follow the path that allows them to be their true and authentic self. I truly believe that you hold the answer to who you are and what you want to be, and that coaching creates a safe space to explore how you get there and removes some of the ‘noise’ that holds us back.

My background is in Organisational Development, with over 20 years’ experience working with individuals and teams. Supporting people through change and uncertainty; to develop their leadership skills; to manage conflict and improve their working relationships.

I am also passionate about developing coaches, supporting individuals to become qualified coaches and providing ongoing support and supervision beyond the qualification.

Outside of work I love being outdoors. I live with my husband and son in woodland on the edge of the Peak District. Being in the heart of nature keeps me grounded, constantly curious and very busy in the Autumn months when the leaves are falling! My son is a constant source of inspiration in my career, seeing the world he is navigating, which is so much different to my own experiences. I have a huge passion for supporting young people to believe in themselves and the endless opportunities for them to explore, regardless of where they have started in life.