How Can I Ensure My Team Has the Influencing and Negotiating Skills Required to Have an Impact in the Workplace?

The Client: An organisation providing public services across five local council districts.

 The Issue: As part of a wider leadership development programme the client wished to provide its employees with influencing and negotiating skills. Being able to persuade others and negotiate to reach an agreement is an essential and often overlooked feature of the modern workplace, and which one leads to quicker consensus and therefore greater productivity.

 Our Solution: Azure ran a one and a half day workshop in order to allow employees to develop and practice these skills. Participants discovered what was needed to build effective working relationships and build rapport, before learning how to communicate effectively during influencing and negotiating, learning about the main approaches to influencing, finding out strategies to deal with confrontation and learning how to gain agreement. Participants were also able to discover their own influencing style, as well as how to deal with people of similar or differing influencing styles. Throughout the workshop, there were numerous opportunities for participants to practice and hone their influencing and negotiating skills.

 Results: By the end of the workshop, participants reported that they felt confident to be able to transfer the skills they had learnt to the workplace, and that they were much better prepared for upcoming meetings/conversations where influencing or negotiating were inevitable.

 What Our Clients Say:

 “Excellent delivery, pace and level of audience participation…lots of skills and information to take away.” – Workshop Participant

 “Thought provoking, relevant – and essential!” – Workshop Participant