How Can I Unleash the Potential for Leadership at all Levels in My Organisation?

The Client: A large Service within a Local Authority employing many technical and professional people.

The Issue: The Service had become rather ‘stuck in its ways’ and was viewed as unresponsive to customer needs. Many long serving employees, especially Managers, were unwilling to consider even essential changes for the good of local citizens. A new Head of Service was keen to release what she recognised to be untapped leadership potential at various levels in the organisation.

Our Solution: We implemented a series of carefully planned events commencing with challenging Development Centres, followed by ‘one to one’ coaching and a customised Leadership Development Programme.

Results: New leaders have emerged from the most unlikely places within the organisation. A confident leadership group has developed with an open mind-set, able to take on the role of effective influencers of change within the organisation. Repeat 360 feedback evidenced the significant improvement in competence made by over 80% of the group, with many now fulfilling true leadership roles, having gained promotions as a result of their newly developed skills and confidence.

What Our Clients Say:

“The greatest benefit has been improved confidence. I feel much more self-assured and competent and I feel that I can tackle things head on now.” – Programme participant