How Can I Be Sure That My Senior Team Can Function Effectively Without Me?

The Client: Our client runs the UK base of a large multinational manufacturing business.

The Issue: The Managing Director gained a promotion which encompassed looking after two further plants based in other parts of Europe. Consequently he needed to spend a considerable proportion of his time abroad. The Senior Management Team hadn’t all ‘stepped up’ to working strategically across the whole business and were unsure of how to make the most of their individuality within a team setting.

Our Solution: Azure led a number of facilitated sessions to help the team determine how best to make the most of one another’s skills, experience and preferences.

Results: The team are now able to work together in a really productive manner on an ongoing basis. The need to work at ‘world class’ performance levels creates constant challenges that the team are planning and executing together, without needing to involve the MD on very many issues. They are able to have honest and constructive discussions about difficult issues and the Managing Director feels confident to leave the Plant in their hands.

What Our Clients Say:

“Our business needed to develop the management team to ensure we could meet our future growth projections of 100% increase in turnover over 3 years. The tailored Management Development programme designed and delivered by Azure, ensured that we not only achieved this but also empowered my management team to reach the stretching performance levels needed to satisfy our ever increasing customers’ demands.

The Azure team made a significant contribution to the development of my management team and the success of our business in the UK. Not only have we managed to win a high proportion of repeat business but we have also gained a significant contract with a new customer since this development programme.” – Managing Director