How Can We Ensure Our People are Coaching One Another to Make Best Use of our Development Budget?

The Client: An Educational Services company with a key organisational objective of ‘creating a coaching culture’.

The Issue: As budgets became tighter, our client wanted to capitalise on the value of coaching within the organisation as a route to developing others in a cost effective manner. This group of outstanding qualified professionals were missing opportunities to support others and help them learn from their experience by preferring to revert to type and hand out advice whenever it was sought.

Our solution: Firstly, Azure managed to gain the commitment of a large group of Senior Leaders within the organisation to develop their own coaching skills and to give an ongoing commitment to coaching others. This provided the project with much needed endorsement of value and credibility in the organisation. Azure also developed groups of HR specialists through an ILM Accredited Coaching Programme and helped them to set up their own easily accessible internal coaching network.

Results: Coaching has now become a prominent every day activity in the organisation, where leaders coach as a matter of preference and a coaching style is being used to facilitate many of the organisation’s ongoing procedures such as one to one’s, performance reviews and professional supervision.

What Our Clients Say:

“Excellent, very professional, knowledgeable and put us all at ease. Coaching is really powerful and can make big changes and really help development.” Programme participant