How Can We Ensure Our Employees Confidently Represent the Organisation?

The Client: A national Sales and Marketing Consortium.

The Issue: Our client employed a wide range of professional people with highly respected skills in their particular specialist areas of expertise. However, many of these individuals failed to make the required impact when required to make presentations to large groups and opportunities were being lost as a result. Azure was asked to work with a small group to develop both their skills and confidence to deliver high impact presentations, most likely to positively influence an audience.

Our Solution: Working in a coaching style with small groups, Azure facilitators provided both practical tools and techniques, along with constructive feedback to work with participants to develop their skills ‘in the moment’.

Results: Participants gained a huge amount of confidence in a small amount of time, by recognising their natural strengths as presenters and building their confidence by deploying them effectively.

What Our Clients Say:

“The facilitators were very good, very warm and friendly. Approachable and knowledgeable.” – Programme participant