How Can We Develop a Coaching Culture Within an Organisation?

The Client: Children’s Place Day Nurseries, a highly successful group of children’s nurseries set up in partnership with either local NHS Trusts or Local Authorities.

The Issue: Greater governmental pressure means that Nursery Managers were struggling to fit everything into their working day. The owner was keen to develop a coaching culture in the business as a possible solution to the challenge.

Our Solution: Azure designed a 3 day programme, the first day of which helped Managers to recognise which of their responsibilities could be carried out by their team members. The 2 day ‘Coaching as a Leadership Style’ programme followed.

Results: Nursery Managers were amazed at how quickly they began to pick up coaching skills and all left with clear commitments to coach their teams using a different style of conversation. The impact since has been quite remarkable, with many staff previously seen as underperforming now having really ‘raised their game.’

Managers are freed up to concentrate on pushing their nurseries, and in turn the company, forward by making sure that they are providing high-quality environments for the children in their care, and that any training and development needs are met. This results in a company with staff that are highly engaged, valued, and committed to providing children with early years experiences that last a lifetime.

What Our Clients Say:

“Having Managers that are skilled in using a coaching style enables Children’s Place to provide children and families with resourceful and confident practitioners that really do make a difference to children’s lives.” – Debbie Burke, Director

“I can’t believe the difference that this has made to my practice. Being able to identify when coaching is appropriate and use it to encourage my staff to solve problems is fantastic. As a result I feel I have a happier and engaged staff team.” – Wendy Bell, Manager