How Can We Get Employees at all Levels to Engage with Necessary Change?

The Client: A large specialist recruitment organisation spread across small geographically separate units.

The Issue: Although Senior Managers had broached the need for change to more technologically advanced working methods on several occasions, the appetite to do so by most employees was low and a state of denial prevailed.

Our Solution: Azure helped the Senior Management Group to prepare and present a compelling ‘case for change’. At a series of workshops, they then helped employees to voice and recognise some of the inevitable stages of change through which they were likely to develop.

A series of Change Project Teams were then formed to address a range of changes which needed to be implemented. The Change Teams were provided with a set of practical tried and tested tools to ensure the effective and lasting implementation of each change.

Regular progress reviews facilitated by Azure helped to address challenges in making the changes, sustaining momentum, assessing outcomes and celebrating success.

Results: Change which was essential to the survival of the organisation began to take place at a rapid pace, having engaged employees at all levels. Like all change, it wasn’t necessarily easy but everyone was clear that it was in their best interests and therefore began to ‘buy into the process’.

What Our Clients Say:

“Azure’s collaborative approach to approaching change has engaged the whole team really well. They’ve also held us to account to ensure the change is driven through successfully.” – Senior Manager