How Can We Introduce Some Consistency and Professionalism to the Way We Do Recruitment & Selection?

The Client: A UK leading independent provider of managed communications services.

The Issue: Many were using their intuitive skills and previous experience to help them through when interviewing potential new candidates. Most managers were not aware of current practices and legislation which impacts on recruiting others. Their internal recruitment process needed to be updated, in order to be handled professionally and consistently.

Our Solution: We designed and delivered a practical and experiential 2 day programme for the development of recruitment and selection skills, stretching from identifying a recruitment opportunity through to providing an effective induction.

The participants developed each skill through a building block approach culminating in conducting a live interview supported by robust feedback from Azure facilitators.

Results: Our goal for the training was that managers would have the knowledge, skills, ability and confidence to make good recruitment decisions. This course delivered all four of those objectives.

The organisation are already seeing the difference in the candidate experience and also the quality of new recruits coming into the business, which will impact long term in the reduction in turnover figures and costs.

What Our Clients Say:

“Managers are carrying out far more professional interviews now. They are so much more confident in their decisions and we are seeing the quality of new recruits start to rise already.” – Director

“Extremely effective, I feel I have learnt an enormous amount in a very short space of time and feel much more confident and well informed.” – Programme participant