How Can We Develop a Truly Cohesive Leadership Team?

The Client: A small newly formed Senior Leadership Team in a large Metropolitan Council.

The Issue: A newly appointed Assistant Director with a mission to drastically transform a number of Services recognised the vital stage of starting that transformation process from the top. The Senior Leadership Team appreciated that the dramatic change required could only take place if the Team were totally united and could work effectively to make the most of one another’s skills and personal preferences.

Our Solution: Azure designed and facilitated a number of events to achieve this end, including use of the ‘Team Management Profile’ to really understand individual personality preferences and how to play to personal strengths in a team environment. Along with the sharing of the results of a structured 360° feedback process the team developed a set of clear ground rules for effective team working and made individual commitments to making personal change.

Results: The team has successfully led a challenging change programme, including a restructure, down-sizing and the introduction of new methods of working. Throughout all the challenges, they have managed to remain cohesive to the outside world by having a truly honest process of sharing both information and opinions, which has led to genuine respect for one another and the ability to deploy each team member to maximum effectiveness.

What Our Clients Say:

“We have reached an excellent state of honesty with one another where we can give one another genuine praise and support but also not allow constrictive feedback concerning us to fester. If we have any concerns we get them sorted behind closed doors and then go out to present a united front to our Service.” – Senior Manager