How Can I Bring About Effective Change Through Participation?

The Client: Accent Group is a Housing Association which owns and manages over 19,000 properties across the country.

The Issue: The group recently made the decision to make a very large investment in a new computer system to help it further improve the service it provides. The team needed to win over the ‘hearts and minds’ of everyone who would be affected by the change.

Our Solution: Azure helped design some customised workshops aimed at helping their Leaders to plan for the change, particularly focusing how to ensure all employees appreciated the need for the change and would do all they could to support its introduction.

Starting at the top, the Group Directors attended the first session. Following this, three workshops were run for the leaders of each of the Housing Associations within the Group.

Results: By participating in practical activities designed to ‘think through’ the actual changes the Housing Management system would incur within Accent, leaders of the change planned a course of action most likely to ensure success in their part of the Group.

The project has now started to ‘go live’ and is going really well. Sharon Klein, who led this assignment for Azure commented: “Organisations often think they haven’t got the time to invest in activities such as the workshops that Accent did. We’d suggest most projects would actually save time that may have to be spent trying to convince people to ‘come on board’.”
What Our Clients Say:

“During the session, we identified some really practical steps we could take to ensure that we go through this change as effectively as possible. All the actions we decided upon have been really well received, so it was certainly time well spent.”

Gordon Perry, Chief Executive

“Even at this early stage, the project has been deemed a success by the business which is fantastic. I’d like to thank Azure for your assistance in getting our teams on the ‘change journey’. It really helped.”

Mhari Byrne, Project Leader