Local University Ensures Learning Continues During Lockdown

Leadership development has understandably not being the main focus for many organisations in the last few months, and it is true that embarking on a traditional medium to long term development programme might not be appropriate right now due to the uncertainty that prevails!

One of our clients, Leeds Beckett University, has been proactive and creative in thinking differently about its leadership development offer and in acting quickly to re-purpose content and design virtual development activities. This is why they asked us to deliver some individual ‘bitesize’ leadership development sessions on a range of topics. These virtual workshops ensure the development of employees of the university continues and they gain the skills required to continue managing effectively whilst working remotely.

Lasting 90 minutes, these interactive and inspiring sessions have covered important leadership-related issues in a format that ensures they can easily fit into a working day. Recent topics have included “Enhancing Your Influence and Impact from a Distance”, “Being Personally Effective Whilst Working Remotely”, “Cultivating a Growth Mindset”, and “Invigorating Your Virtual Collaboration”.

We’re really pleased with how these short workshops are being received! Here’s some feedback from participants:

  • “Really interesting and very helpful ideas that can be utilised immediately. Very topical too. Method of interacting was perfect and examples and presentation was excellent.”
  • “Well led, really good information shared. It was useful having some dedicated time to reflect on self growth.”
  • “I liked everything about the event! The facilitation style was warm and engaging, and the content was really interesting. I thought that there was just the right amount for the time available.”
  • “It was a really engaging topic with new theories and recommended reading and practice.”

It’s great to see how different organisations are thinking creatively in order to ensure their employees continue to feel valued and that their personal development is being invested in. If you would like to discuss how we can provide you or your organisation with similar ongoing support at this time, then don’t hesitate to get in touch here.

September 2020