The Results Are In! Evaluation of CNG Leadership Programme Demonstrates Clear Impact

Great organisations regularly seek to improve the quality of their leadership. Some of the questions asked by those at the top of any organisation might be:  “Where is the next generation of leaders coming from?”, “How can we ensure effective leadership is taking place at all levels?”, and “How can we ensure our new leaders are receiving the support and development they need?”

As we reported last year, these are all questions that Harrogate-based CNG (who provide utilities to businesses) wanted to answer when they selected over 30 team leaders and managers to take part in the ‘CNG Leadership Experience’, a leadership development programme facilitated by Azure Consulting.

The programme (which spanned an 18 month period) recently concluded, allowing us to evaluate its impact. Participants and their line managers were surveyed before the programme and on its completion. The evaluation data shows strikingly positive results! Participants scores had significantly improved on all measures used. The greatest improvements were seen in the way participants rated their confidence in facing up to performance issues and being able to lead effective team meetings. The participants’ line managers were particularly impressed by the way that participants had grown in confidence to make more decisions for themselves, instead of referring to more senior people. These results show that participants of the programme have been putting their learning to good use, which has benefited the business massively.

Ratings taken from participants and their line managers pre and post-programme

Ratings taken from participants and their line managers pre and post-programme

Following the programme, here are some great quotes from participants:

  • “I have become a more confident person and feel I can take on most things now. The impact personally has been great, I have grown and improved overall as a person and leader.”
  • “The programme has had a big impact on me and I have done a complete 360. I feel more confident and I have led a few team meetings – presentations were my biggest fear.”
  • “I really enjoyed the course and have loved working with you. I also feel I have grown loads over the last 18 months and can’t thank you all enough.”
  • “I now set expectations with my team, use coaching questions and follow through on performance management.”

We’d like to say how proud we are of the participants involved. To see their growth as leaders over the duration of the programme (with many participants now feeling confident to, for example, deliver presentations and have difficult conversations when this would have been unthinkable before) has been nothing short of inspiring.

Some of the participants celebrate the end of the programme

Some of the participants celebrate the end of the programme

This ‘CNG Leadership Experience’ was a comprehensive ILM accredited leadership programme comprised 10 learning modules, action learning sets, ‘moaching’ (an informal hybrid of coaching and mentoring), a ‘leadership experiment’ (where participants implemented solutions to real issues for the business based on their proposals in a business case) and the use of TMSDI’s Team Management Profile . Click here for more information on our leadership development offering, or here to contact us directly.

January 2020

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