Fastflow Reach for the Stars

Knowing how to develop and retain key talent within any organisation can be a challenge, especially when the organisation is growing rapidly through acquisition.

Fastflow Group found itself in exactly this position. The national company identified a number of talented, high-potential employees to take part in their exciting ‘Rising Stars’ programme of development led by Azure Consulting, as they seek to uncover and promote talent that until now has been relatively hidden away within each part of the organisation.

Fastflow Group employs over 600 workers throughout the UK and includes businesses such as Fastflow Pipeline Services, Fastflow Energy Services, DW Support Services, Partner Group and United Living. The Group wanted to give the top talent from each business the ability to assess their skills and interact with people from different businesses, so Azure designed and delivered a series of development centres (click here to read about development centres and how they differ from assessment centres). Each participant gained detailed feedback from observers about their performance over a series of tasks designed to replicate real work-based situations. From the development centres, a number of skills workshops were designed based on the needs of the participants.

At Azure, we believe that development centres are a great way for participants to receive impartial feedback on their strengths, allowing them to think about how they can apply these to a greater degree in order to be their best selves and true ‘Rising Stars’! The ongoing workshops have allowed participants to focus on the practical people skills needed in their roles, and the participants have really valued the time afforded to them for their own development.

Group HR Director Keith Ballantyne said “The development centres and the training have been universally well-received within Fastflow Group. Common themes were the high level of professionalism, flexibility, energy and enthusiasm. Personally, I also appreciated the creativity and inspired thinking during our design and preparation meetings.”

November 2019