Team Event Proves TrakCel are on the Right “Trak”

As well as the wide scope of Azure’s service offering you may be less aware that we also facilitate a broad range of Team Development activities. Whether it be to help new teams learn more about each other’s working styles, for employees of rapidly growing organisations to get to know each other a little better, or to enable people who are struggling to work together, Team Development events can be a great way of getting people out of the office and engaging with each other. Though of course there is an element of fun, teams always conclude the event with tangible actions and further insights on real business issues.


Earlier this month we worked with TrakCel, based in Cardiff. TrakCel has grown at an astonishing rate over the past 12 months, and believed a Team Development day to be a perfect way of helping relatively new team members from across the organisation to get to know each other and work on real business challenges. The event was opened by the CEO and members of the Leadership Team describing their context. Azure then facilitated activities designed to help everyone to learn a little bit more about each other, before participants split into teams to come up with creative solutions using ‘synectics’ to generate ideas in response to real challenges currently faced by TrakCel. The creative juices, and indeed humour, were definitely flowing at this point!


In the afternoon, all 42 participants worked as a team to participate in the “TrakCel Trials”. The team completed a variety of tasks requiring a whole mix of strengths in order to achieve a total number of points and save the business! Thankfully, after a hectic afternoon with some heroic displays of teamwork, the points total was achieved. Valuable lessons and action points were taken away, before participants toasted their success with some well-earned refreshment to end the day.

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March 2017