Recruitment and Selection Work in Demand

It must be the season of new starts, as recently at Azure Consulting we have had a lot of interest from organisations who are increasing their recruitment and selection activity. There are many ways in which employers can ensure they recruit employees with the right ‘fit’.

Psychometric Testingpsychometrics
Behavioural traits, personality, and intelligence-related ability can be accurately tested using a variety of psychometric testing in order to provide a fuller picture of candidates’ likely future performance. While application forms and job interviews rely on subjective judgment, psychometric tests provide an objective comparison of candidates, meaning that in many ways they are considered fairer than traditional recruitment techniques. Azure have recently administered psychometric tests within a housing association and a local authority to recruit for senior positons, and we will shortly be using them to aid with the recruitment for a number of graduate level positions within an organisation. Versatility is also a benefit – psychometric tests can also be used for development, or as an accompaniment to coaching. Click here to see the brochure detailing the psychometrics offering provided by Azure Consulting.

Assessment Centresdevelopment-centre
Assessment Centres are proving increasingly popular amongst employers who wish to see first-hand how candidates perform on a number of tasks that replicate what candidates would be expected to undertake in the role they are applying for. Usually lasting for an entire day, candidates’ performance on each task is closely monitored by trained observers, who provide remarkable amounts of individualised feedback for each candidate. ‘Shop floor’ roles were recently selected for in one manufacturing organisation using an assessment centre created by Azure Consulting.

InterviewAzure (27)
Perhaps the most traditional method of selection, there is nothing better than the dreaded job interview as a way of speaking to candidates individually in order to exchange information and assess whether they are the right ‘fit’. Many organisations fall short however – too often, decisions are made subjectively and the wrong person is recruited because they ‘felt right’ or ‘talked the talk’. Azure are very strict about ensuring the interview processes we design are objective, stand up to legal scrutiny, and ultimately help employers to recruit the best candidate for the role, as we have recently when helping with internal and external interviewing for an organisation who are in the process of a company-wide restructuring.

Click here to enquire as to how we can help with your recruitment and selection. One thing is for sure – organisations will always want to ensure they have the right talent undertaking the right role!

June 2016