The Demand for Influencing and Negotiating Skills Continues to Grow

A growing number of organisations are requesting skills training in influencing and negotiating, due to how vital these skills are in vibrant, modern workplaces. Employees with the ability to influence others and negotiate to reach an agreement contribute to greater consensus within and between organisations, and quicker decisions means higher efficiency and productivity.

One such skills workshop was run recently within an organisation providing public services across five local council areas. Areas covered included how to communicate effectively when influencing and negotiating, how to handle confrontation, how to deal with different styles of influencing and how to gain agreement. As no Azure workshop would be complete without ensuring all attendees would be able to transfer these skills to the workplace, participants were able to practice influencing and negotiating with each other at numerous points throughout the day, which challenged them to perfect their style in a safe environment.

Feedback from the workshop was very positive, with participants pointing to upcoming meetings and conversations where they would try out their new skills, and enjoying the way the workshop was challenging, yet delivered in a relaxed and fun way. Or perhaps we just ‘influenced’ them to say that…