Happy Customers and a Happy Client

One of our most recent successful projects was the delivery of customer service skills training during April for 40 staff at Azzurri Communications Ltd, a valued client of ours for several years now. Despite the logistical challenge of releasing staff for training whilst continuing to provide service to customers, the programme was very well received. In addition to the essential core skills element, of particular interest was dealing with the reality which prevents customer service representatives from providing excellent service and practising techniques in order to maintain a positive mindset.

Some examples of participant feedback include:

“This was the best customer service training I have ever had”

“Provided me with the tools to be able to deal with different situations in which I felt out of my depth previously”

“Excellent instructor, one of the best training days I’ve been to”

“I intend to use more empathy when dealing with customers”

“I feel like I have taken a lot away and will improve myself”

“Positive, helpful, fun”

Katie Connor, Customer Service Desk Manager, commented ‘it was eye-opening to see that customer service has lots of different aspects. The course was pitched at the right level and tailored each day which was really appreciated. The days were enjoyable and flowed nicely.’