Undertaking qualifications increases the knowledge and skills required for the success of your organisation, as well as increasing credibility in competitive environments.

The most popular qualifications delivered by Azure include

Not only can qualifications benefit your organisation by opening doors to greater opportunities from clients, but they also increase the standing of individuals within organisations who can show a wider range of leadership skills. The qualifications offered by Azure are ILM recognised and equip leaders with the tools needed to drive your organisation forward and give you a competitive advantage.

Our qualifications can be delivered in-house, and we also run many open programmes at our premises. To discuss the full range of qualifications offered by Azure, please click the “Make an Enquiry” button.

Client Testimonials

Azure has an ability to understand its clients’ requirements and develop programmes that meet those needs. The way they do that is very perceptive, and it is always executed very professionally.
Rob Whitehead, Chief Executive, Zubrance Food Group


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