Mentoring is a way of increasing employee performance by supporting individuals to develop their workplace capacity and achieve set goals.

Azure currently:

  • Work closely with organisations to set up in-house mentoring programmes in order to increase employees development
  • Deliver skills programmes to the managers of organisations to equip them with the tools required to engae in mentoring as part of their roles as leaders
  • Administer the ILM Level 5 Qualification in Coaching and Mentoring to leaders and managers who wish to be formally qualified coaches and mentors

Azure have worked with organisations to implement mentoring programmes, which set up more experienced individuals with less experienced individuals to increase learning. It is often used to help new employees, but can also be used to provide more experienced employees with skills in areas that are new to them.

For further information on how Azure can help an organisation harness the power of mentoring to increase the skillset and performance of its staff, please click the ‘Make an Enquiry’ button.

Client Testimonials

Azure really understands the business. Our facilitation sessions are tailored specifically at how we work and what we need, and are in line with our philosophy and values.
Vanessa Ayers HR Manager W.T. Johnson


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