Employee Engagement

Employee engagement has become a key concern for organisations in recent years due to its links to profit and success, and rightly so. At Azure Consulting we have a great deal of experience of measuring and implementing solutions in the area, and can help you improve your business bottom line by engaging employees.

Research suggests that having employees who are engaged (that is to say employees who are enthusiastic about their work and who actively work towards the goals of the organisation in order to further the organisation’s interests) predicts:

  • Future financial performance
  • Productivity
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Growth

We are able to quickly and cost-effectively measure employee engagement levels in your organisation with e3, Azure’s easy-to-use diagnostic tool that will enable you to see where your organisation can improve employee engagement, which if acted upon will result in tangible benefits for your business performance. e3 is quick, online and anonymous.

As well as measuring employee engagement, we help you deal with the results. We offer bespoke solutions tailored to your individual business needs that actively improve engagement. This can be done via Facilitation, Development of People Processes, and Team Development, for example.

For further information on e3 and how it can be used to improve your business, please download the below pdf, or to order the product for your organisation or discuss how to improve employee engagement within your organisation, please make an enquiry above. You can also view case studies for a sample of our previous work in this area.