360° Feedback


Azure provides a variety of bespoke or proprietary 360° feedback tools which enable a leader to gather and analyse feedback from others in a controlled and objective manner.

Azure will:

  • Help you find or design a process which works for you
  • Conduct the analysis
  • Provide honest, constructive feedback in an extremely professional manner
  • Provide coaching to enable a leader to bring about the changes required to consolidate or improve their performance

Helping a leader to see themselves as others see them can be a challenge. However, 360° feedback tools are a great way to facilitate this. They gather feedback from multiple sources (such as direct reports, peers and managers) in order to paint an accurate and honest picture of a leader’s strengths, as well as identifying where they can improve, with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of the leader.

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Client Testimonials

Azure are a real pleasure to work with, are consistently professional and have succeeded in developing me into the person that I always wanted to be! The entire team are consistent in their approach and they have made a real difference to the effectiveness of our business.
Lisa McFarlane, Associate Director, Seven Architecture


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